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Usage: python rssindex.py [OPTION...] [PATH...]

        -h, --help              show this help message
        -v, --version           show version information
        -t, --title=TITLE       set title of the feed
        -i, --image=URL         set feed logo image url
        -l, --link=URL          set link to a website
        -g, --lang=LANG         set the feed language
        -a, --author=AUTHOR     set the feed author name
        -d, --description=TEXT  set the feed description text
        -c, --category=NAME     set the feed category
        -e, --explicit=yes|no   set the explicit flag (default: no)
        -p, --prefix=URL        this url will be prefixed to all file paths (default:
        -o, --output=FILE       name of file where to write the output (- means stdout, default: -)
        -f, --filter=REGEXP     if given, only files matching the given regular expression are processed
        -s, --filter-supported  use a filter that matches only the supported extensions
        -Q, --no-quote          if given filenames will not be url quoted
            --prefix-from-file  read prefixes from prefix.txt files
            --print-supported   print supported extensions