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Please have a menu when left-clicking a group

created an issue

Currently it seems left clicking a group of windows minimizes or restores them all, but doesn't let me choose which of them I want.
The preview 'Tool Tips' do let me, but there is limited space (I can shrink them but I lose the titles) and they scroll too slowly (however scrolling too much faster would make it easy to miss which window I am looking for)

The stock task widget has what I feel is a good solution to this: A pop-up menu when I click on the group that allows me to access each window in the group, with icons and title.

Please add such a menu to Smooth tasks, perhaps not as the default if the users are used to the current way, but as an option for those of us who use large groups of windows. (And please make it wider than the stock one, so I can read more of each window's title)


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