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Smooth Tasks / ChangeLog

wip 2010-11-06:
FIX: drop whole groups onto pager (removed workaround for KDE < 4.5 which could not handle groups at all)
FIX: when dragging a task only a tiny bit it's position was not reset
Maybe FIX: a very rare tooltip positioning bug (I have o wait if it reoccurs)

wip 2010-11-05 update 1:
FIX: fixed unwanted highlight behaviour change which reintroduces flickering :(

wip 2010-11-05:
FIX: tooltip appearance and background blur under KDE 4.5
FIX: less flickering for the kwin highlight effect

wip 2010-02-27:
FIX: less flickering for the window preview effect because I removed the kwin highlight  effect bug workaround (that bug was obviously fixed in kde 4.4)
FIX: crash when right-click on startup item, thanks to anonymous

wip 2010-02-13 update 2:
FIX: hopefully fixed bug concerning missing taskbar entries

wip 2010-02-13 update 1:
NOTE: since wip 2010-02-13 Smooth Tasks probably only works with kde 4.4 (and no longer with kde <= 4.3)
FIX: same crash as in last version in other places
FIX: correct handling of the root group under kde 4.4

wip 2010-02-13:
FIX: taskbar items where not updated on desktop switch under kde 4.4
FIX: crash tasks where deleted but not yet removed from the layout (happened sometimes on desktop switch under kde 4.4)

wip 2010-02-12:
FIX: be more careful in TaskbarLayout::clear, hopefully fixes a crash, thanks to flupp
 * updated polish translation, thanks to Maciej Warnecki

wip 2009-12-06:
NEW: also do middle click action on tooltip
FIX: chinese translation by Weng Xuetian (hurricanek)

wip 2009-11-26:
FIX: tiny bit better animation tick time calculation
 * updated polish translation, thanks to Maciej Warnecki

wip 2009-11-20:
FIX: taskbar getting stuck issue, much thanks to the bitbucket user flupp for fixing this!

wip 2009-11-16:
FIX: text placement (more like the original taskbar does it)
 * updated russian translation, thanks to xep

wip 2009-11-11:
 * added chinese translation, thanks to Weng Xuetian (hurricanek)
 * updated french translation, thanks to Sergio
 * added ukrainian translation, thanks to Oleksandr Natalenko

wip 2009-11-07:
NEW: added middle click actions because of popular demand

wip 2009-11-03:
FIX: don't hide the panel when the tooltip is displayed

wip 2009-11-02:
FIX: gave tooltips a reasonable width when composite is deactivated an thus no preview is shown

wip 2009-11-01:
FIX: another tooltip placement regression

wip 2009-10-30:
FIX: crash on right click on startup items

wip 2009-10-29:
FIX: tooltip layout (text was not expanding horizontally properly)

wip 2009-10-28:
FIX: keep window order when raising/iconifying groups. thanks to mtz92 for the hint on how to do this

wip 2009-10-27:
FIX: tooltips moved animated even when it weren't shown before
FIX: correctly track mouse hover state
 * updated french translation, thanks to Sergio

wip 2009-10-25:
FIX: regression where the demand attention animation did only show the light on hover

wip 2009-10-24:
FIX: tooltip positioning regression
NEW: optionally expand tasks on attention
NEW: made task switch using wheel optional
NEW: made tooltip movement duration configurable
NEW: configureable initial window highlight delay
 * fixes in german translation, thanks to Markus 

wip 2009-10-21:
FIX: tooltip placement when hovering the taskbar really quick after another task was closed and thus its tooltip was hidden
 * updated french translation, thanks to Sergio

wip 2009-10-15:
FIX: compile error
FIX: expanding/collapsing task regression
FIX: position of light during expansion
 * added russian translation, thanks to xep
 * updated french translation, thanks to Sergio
 * context menu does not cover the task item anymore

wip 2009-10-13:
NEW: made 'light color from icon' optional
FIX: fixed icon clipping issues which where introduced in the last version
FIX: corrected light placement for vertical form factors (was wrong only by a few pixels so I guess nobody noticed)
 * updated czech translation, thanks to Michal 

wip 2009-10-12:
FIX: fixed flickering of the tooltip on hover, thanks to SteveMcQwark for the hint
NEW: option to let the lights be the only hover effect
NEW: made text shadow optional (the shadow looks pretty ugly for some plasma themes)
 * force minimum saturation and value (brightness) for hover light color
 * updated french translation, thanks to Sergio

wip 2009-10-11:
NEW: made rotation of the task items frame in vertical layouts optional. with some plasma themes it looks better rotated, with others it looks better not rotated.
NEW: mouse hover light color is now calculated from the color of the task icon. this is more or less based on Harsh Js code.
FIX: fixed a possible crash on exit

wip 2009-10-07:
updated french translation, thanks to Sergio

wip 2009-09-27:
FIX: bug where widths of task items weren't scaled
FIX: limited squeeze layout: scale rows so that there are no empty rows
 * improved logic for "only group when taskbar is full"

wip 2009-09-26:
NEW: Michal Odstrčil: option "prefer grouping" (over new rows)
FIX: Michal Odstrčil: only group when taksbar is full of new "limited squeeze" (former "maximum squeeze ratio") layout
 * rotate task frames in vertical mode
 * updated french translation, thanks to Sergio

wip 2009-09-21:
FIX: fixed hack for tiny taskbars, should fix placement of text on thin taskbars
FIX: expansion state update (on desktop change and other state changes)
NEW: Michal Odstrčil has written a new and better layout "Maximum Squeeze Ratio".
This layout isn't 100% completed yet (Michal is still working on the "only group when taskbar is full" feature) and also the name might change.

wip 2009-09-18:
FIX: hide tooltip when window is closed
Improvement: updated french translation, thanks to Sergio

wip 2009-09-16:
 * updated czech translation, thanks to Michal Odstrčil
 * only squeeze collapsed task items when the expanded ones are already squeezed to the same size, also thanks to Michal Odstrčil

wip 2009-09-15:
Improvement: updated french translation, thanks to Sergio

wip 2009-09-14:
NEW: option to enable/disable expand task on hover
NEW: activate or iconify whole task groups
Improvement: more tool tips in the settings dialog

wip 2009-09-13:
FIX: typos and bad wording in the tooltip of the taskbar layout combobox
Improvements: some code cleanups and refactorings

wip 2009-09-12:
FIX: right-to-left support was completely broken
FIX: drag leave tooltip didn't hide the tooltip
FIX: czech locale name is 'cz'
 * always use vertical layout for tooltips when composite is disabled
 * floatingpoint text layouting (should reduce jumpiness of text)
 * updated french translation, thanks to Sergio
 * updated czech translation, thanks to Michal
 * updated polish translation, thanks to Maciej

wip 2009-09-10:
FIX: maximum height layout
FIX: light effect, thanks to Michal Odstrčil
NEW: added czech translation, thanks to Michal Odstrčil
 * added setting for by shape layout to define the row aspect ratio manually
 * updated hungarian translation, thanks to Zsombor
 * updated french translation, thanks to Sergio
 * code cleanups

wip 2009-09-09:
FIX: fix the plama theme hack, thanks to Michal Odstrčil
FIX: also delay item expansion (not only collapse)
NEW: several alternative taskbar layouts to choose from. which one is the best? which one can I drop? each one has pros and cons.
 * By Taskbar Shape: the layout used until now
 * Maximum Squeeze: uses the task item size like it would need to use the defined maximum rows
 * Fixed Item Number per Row: uses a fixed definable number of items per row
 * Fixed Maximum Item Height: never let the task items get bigger than the defined maximum item height
NEW: french translation, thanks to Sergio Guibert
Improvement: improved the settings dialog

wip 2009-09-08:
FIX: regression where animation duration for tooltip showing delay was ignored
FIX: small fix to polish translation
HACK: added hack for plasma themes that define a to large margin

wip 2009-09-06:
NEW: option to only group items when the taskbar is full
NEW: two translations (one string in both is translated using Google however):
 * hungarian: thanks to Nitai
 * polish: thanks to Maciej Warnecki
FIX: calculation of preferred size (seems still not to be propagated in some cases)
FIX: better (diagonal!) tooltip movement, especially for multiple rows or rotated view
FIX: fixed bug when dropping task to pager and it gets locked or not removed from the taskbar

wip 2009-09-05b:
FIX: expansion state/animation of newly added task items

wip 2009-09-05a:
FIX: added short delay for tooltip switching to fix:
 * reaching tooltips of task items in lower rows
 * moving to the tooltip but accidently hovering another task item for a very short time

wip 2009-09-05:
NEW: multirow support! that was hard for my small brain!
NEW: always 'scroll' (move) tooltips when using the wheel
NEW: exposing fps setting in UI
FIX: fixed crash when using wheel on tooltip (in rare cases)

wip 2009-09-02:
NEW: more 'smooth' animated manual task sorting. This uses QTimer for the
animation because I find Plasma::Animator much to limited to do such an
animation. I hope kinetic will be more convenient.
FIX: fixed a rare crash. let's hope I didn't introduce a new one.
NEW: now you can scroll the text on animated text labels per dragging it.
just in case it scrolls to fast/slow for your taste.
NEW: implemented scrolling of tooltip on mouse wheel when the preview is
outside of the screen. thanks to ssri for noticing this.
Tooltips should now be a bit better glued to their task items.

wip 2009-08-28:
NEW: work on i18n and german translation (thanks to xadras for reminding me)

wip 2009-08-26:
NEW: support for native plasma tooltips and for disabling tooltips all together

wip 2009-08-25:
vertical ordering of tooltip in vertical form factors
only show preview area when previews are available (for all those who don't like the previews)
better (still not perfect) tooltip movement start position
don't collapse tasks when hovering tooltip

wip 2009-08-24a:
FIX: hopefully fixed another tooltip movement regression

wip 2009-08-24:
FIX: reworked tooltip movement (still not perfect on short animation duration)
FIX: improved tooltip placement, thanks to Michal Odstrčil
NEW: implemented D'n'D to tooltips. however, sometimes this gets stuck and I have no idea why.
HACK: it seems like the pager does not support drops of task groups so only drop the first task of the group
FIX: fixed scrolling over tooltips that didn't work together with normal hovering

wip 2009-08-23a:
FIX: hopefully fixed tooltip bug which was introduced in the last version

wip 2009-08-23:
overhaul of animations of the task item (color, frame, expansion)
update tooltip move animation when task is expanding
mouse wheel to switch through window previews
used other border for window previews (is this better or worse?)
highlight tooltip task icons on hover
use only current screen geometry for tooltip placement
fixed annoying off by one pixel bug in tooltip movement
added cmake requires for KDE4Workspace

wip 2009-08-21:
FIX: tooltip stealing on window title change bug

wip 2009-08-20:
FIX: (ugly) workaround for kwin highlight window effect bug
NEW: allow animation duration time in ragne [0, 500] ms.
FIX: bug that occurred with duration time = 0 (but possibly also in other corner cases)
REMOVED: "Show Border Around Window Previews" options (always show it)

wip 2009-08-19:
NEW: highlight hovered previews
NEW: right click for context menu on previews. for some reason the 'crash on
right click' bug disappeared with this change.

wip 2009-08-18:
Renamed to Smooth Tasks. :)
A lot of refactoring (now I'm using namespaces).
NEW: close icon is only shown when hovering the corresponding preview
NEW: transitions between close icons visual states (hidden, shown, highlighted)
are now animated

wip 2009-08-17:
FIX: hopefully really fixing tooltip placement issues on multihead systems

wip 2009-08-16:
FIX: probably fixed another rare crash on exit. this occurs when the tooltip
is already deleted but the task items aren't (they access the tooltip in their

wip 2009-08-15:
FIX: fixed layout spacing
faster scroll back of the text when stopping hovering
delete previews when tooltip is hidden

wip 2009-08-14:
FIX: tooltips for starting tasks
NEW: resize previews when their windows are resized. I don't know if I keep
this because under some circumstances (showing grouped tooltips for several
automatic and continuous fast resizing windows) this can lock up kwin.

wip 2009-08-13:
some minor improvements on the code (e.g. removed redundancy a bit)

wip 2009-08-12:
NEW: scroll text of labels on mouse-hover when the text is to big for the
FIX: correct placement of non-square icons
IMPROVEMENT: use KIconEffect for close button highlighting

wip 2009-08-11:
tiny layout improvement: give text enough room to not crop descenders

wip 2009-08-10a:
Forgot to add new source files.

wip 2009-08-10:
FIX: A potential crash on exit (only triggered in rare cases).
NEW: New alternative tooltip style.
NEW: Made preview size configurable.
Visual Improvements:
Highlight the close button when hovering.
Fadeout long task names in tooltips.

wip 2009-08-09:
NEW: update tooltip when task is added/removed
improved layout
made border around previews optional

wip 2009-08-08:
less flicker when moving between tooltip and same task item
NEW: show number of grouped tasks in taskbar item (copied code from KDEs
original taskbar plasmoid)
NEW: window peeking using kwins highlight window effect
NEW: animated scrolling of tooltip when its to big for the screen (move your
cursor to the screen edges)
NEW: tooltip moves animated when moving mouse over taskbar items
KNOWN ISSUE: sometimes when you move the mouse fast over the taskbar items the
tooltip contains garbage