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View Image Plus

This Add-On provides a nice View Image alternative that supports zooming, panning and rotating. Just right-click onto an image and choose "View Image Plus".

When showing an image several additional menu items are added: - Actual Size - Fit To View - Flip Horizontally - Flip Vertically - Rotate Left 90° - Rotate Right 90° - Reset Rotation - Close View Image Plus


  • +/wheel up: Zoom In
  • -/wheel down: Zoom Out
  • shift +/shift wheel up: Zoom In with smaller increments
  • shift -/shift wheel down: Zoom Out with smaller increments
  • 0: Actual Size
  • f: Fit Image To View
  • drag/arrow keys: Panning
  • windows scroll/command scroll: Rotate
  • shift windows scroll/shift command scroll: Rotate with smaller increments
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