Ali Afshar avatar Ali Afshar committed 22144e6

Reverted property.setter syntax to remain 2.5 compatible

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         return self.fluid.namespaces[self.path]
-    @property
-    def description(self):
+    def _get_description(self):
         """The description of this Namespace.
         Setting and getting the value attempts to set/get the description in the FluidDB.
         r = self.api.get(returnDescription=True)
         return r.value[u'description']
-    @description.setter
-    def description(self, description):
+    def _set_description(self, description):
         """Set the description for this Namespace.
         return self.api.put(description)
+    # python2.5
+    description = property(_get_description, _set_description,
+                           doc=_get_description.__doc__)
     def tag_names(self):
         """The names of the Tags in this Namespace.
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