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Tiny bit more documentation

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+!opt ve={{ve_name}}
+!opt ve_name=ve
+ ve="":
+    virtualenv --no-site-packages $ve_name
+    pip install sphinx
+    python develop
+ deps=ve.install:
     sphinx-build docs build/sphinx
 As we can see, the namespace already exists, and cannot be created again.
+Creating child namespace
+If you have an existing namespace, you can create child namespaces of it by
+using the create_namespace method of a namespace, for example::
+    >>> ns = Namespace('test')
+    >>> ns.create_namespace(u'apple', u'The apple namespace')
+    <fom.mapping.Namespace object at 0x7fe7781e2a50>
+Which is exactly equivalent to having done::
+    >>> ns = Namespace(u'test/apple')
+    >>> ns.create(u'The apple namespace')
+Listing child namespaces
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