Paperchain on Hugo

Paperchain on Hugo is forked from the XMin theme, written by Yihui Xie.

We've made a lot of changes to the styling and the generally partial layouts. You can clone or fork this code to setup your own blog on Hugo.

To Do

Add social share

Improve homepage welcome section design

Add rss subscribe option

Add newsletter signup button

Add suggested post feature

Add author bio page

Fix pagination styling

Investigate and close unused branches


1: Install Hugo.

brew install hugo

2: Create a new site.

hugo new site new-blog

3: Change to themes dir.

cd new-blog/themes

4: Clone the repo

git clone

5: Copy the contents of the exampleSite directory into {dir}/new-blog.

6: Enjoy and customize to your hearts content!

New Posts

To make new posts, simply use the command line:

hugo new post/

Header Colour

To adjust the header colour, head to static/css/style.css and change...

header {
    background: none;

... background: to any colour value you'd like!

For header font:

header a {
    color: #000;

Change color: to a nice matching colour.