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chao  committed 8832204

Better bash history and ambiguous filename completion

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File bash/inputrc

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 set completion-ignore-case On
+# Show ambiguous candidates immediately after first Tab
+set show-all-if-ambiguous on
 # Allow vi style editing for command input
 set editing-mode vi

File bash/profile

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 # SVN Message Editor
 export SVN_EDITOR='mvim -v'
+# Perform history expansion on the current line and inserts space
+bind space:magic-space
 # Persist command history in real time across different terminal sessions
 shopt -s histappend
 export HISTSIZE=1000
 # Allow opportunity to review and re-edit the history command such as "!!" or "!!:1"
 shopt -s histverify histreedit
+# Save multiple-line commands as one line.
+# This is useful for re-editing functions or longer commands.
+shopt -s cmdhist
 # Source the z command: https://github.com/rupa/z
 . /usr/local/bin/z.sh