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Change to use Ctrl-Space as Tmux keybidning prefix

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File tmux/tmux.conf

 # appropriate tmux key bindings.  Note that for many key bindings there is no
 # tmux analogue.
-# Rebind prefix to Ctrl-s
+# Rebind prefix to Ctrl-Space
 unbind C-b
-set -g prefix C-s
+set -g prefix C-Space
 # send the prefix to client inside window (ala nested sessions)
-bind-key a send-prefix
+bind-key Space send-prefix
 # new window will inherit the current path
 bind-key c new-window -c "#{pane_current_path}"
 # bind : to command-prompt like vim, this is the default in tmux already
 bind : command-prompt
+# <C-Space><Space> enters copy mode
+bind Space copy-mode
+bind C-Space copy-mode
 # vi-style controls for copy mode
 setw -g mode-keys vi