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Add vim plugins: yankstack and windowswap

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 Plug 'wellle/targets.vim'
 Plug 'zhaocai/GoldenView.Vim'
 Plug 'Shougo/vimproc.vim'
+Plug 'wesQ3/vim-windowswap'
+Plug 'maxbrunsfeld/vim-yankstack'
 " Ultisnips
 Plug 'SirVer/ultisnips'
 nnoremap <leader><space> :noh<cr>
 " make Y work as C and D do
+call yankstack#setup() " required for YankStack
 nmap Y y$
 " Quicker Escaping in Insert Mode
 let g:clang_exec = '/usr/bin/clang'
 let g:clang_library_path = '/Applications/'
+" Custom YankStack mapping
+let g:yankstack_map_keys = 0
+nmap cp <Plug>yankstack_substitute_older_paste
+nmap cP <Plug>yankstack_substitute_newer_paste