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chao  committed c32e682

Fix a bug where negative last line can be interpreted incorrectly (v0.1.1.1)

The negative last line '-1' is not treated correctly when it's used like this:
lime '-1p'

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File Lime.cabal

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 -- see http://haskell.org/cabal/users-guide/
 name:                Lime
 synopsis:            A quick and dirty sed and ack replacement for line/field manipulation
 -- description:         
 license:             MIT

File src/Range.hs

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 mkRangeTo t = (RangeStart, RangeMiddle t)
 mkRangeAt ::  Int -> (RangePos, RangePos)
-mkRangeAt a = (RangeMiddle a, RangeMiddle (a+1))
+-- Special case for the last element
+mkRangeAt (-1) = (RangeMiddle (-1), RangeEnd)
+mkRangeAt a = (RangeMiddle a, RangeMiddle (a + 1))
 -- List indexting for negative index
 at ::  [a] -> Int -> Int