What is this repository for?

  • Transcelerator helps Bible translation teams translate comprehension checking questions in order to prepare to test the quality and clarity of the vernacular Scripture translation.

How do I get set up?

  • To get set up to use and build Transcelerator, you will need to download Paratext. (I'm sorry, but at this time Paratext is not open source and has license restrictions. I have no control over that, but if you talk to me, I might be able to help you get it.)
  • To learn to use Transcelerator, see the wiki, especially the Getting Started page.
  • Unit tests depend on NUnit. I recommend using Jet Brains Resharper, which has built-in test running capabilities.
  • The Paratext Plugins Wiki has more advanced information about the Paratext plugin architecture, which will explain more about how to build a plugin like Transcelerator.

Contribution guidelines

  • I welcome contributions that further the goals of this project.
  • If your pull request does not contain passing unit tests that demonstrate the value and quality of your contribution, it will reduce the likelihood that your submission will be accepted.
  • If you contact me in advance of making any changes, I can probably give you some guidance and let you know if I think your proposed changes are on track.
  • Please visit the TXL Jira page to see the outstanding Jira issues.

Who do I talk to?

  • Technical lead: Tom Bogle
  • To discuss the concepts and principles behind Transcelerator (e.g., if you disagree with the idea of using "canned" questions as basis for checking comprehension), contact Mark Penny.