1. François Parmentier
  2. djector


Small documentation on djector, and on the process I followed to create it.

$ django-admin.py startproject djector
$ cd djector
$ ./manage.py startapp ector

After downloading the app, don't forget to adapt settings.py 
(especially the paths).
Then, generate the database: python manage.py syncdb
Create an administrator (and remember the password).

If you used virtualenv, don't forget to activate your environment:
$ source bin/activate

Next, you can cd to djector and run the tests.
$ cd djector
$ ./manage.py test ector

Run the server:
$ ./manage.py runserver

Go to the administration to create the "ector" User:

And then, you can chat with "ector", going to http://localhost:8000/ector/