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fix command table

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File hgext/

 from mercurial import commands, context, bookmarks, error, revset
 from mercurial import scmutil, cmdutil, extensions, util, hg, dagutil
-from mercurial.commands import command, walkopts, commitopts, commitopts2, logopts
+from mercurial.commands import walkopts, commitopts, commitopts2, logopts
 from mercurial.i18n import _
-from mercurial.node import nullid, nullrev, hex, bin
+from mercurial.node import nullid, hex, bin
 import os
 import errno
 # commands
+cmdtable = {}
+command = cmdutil.command(cmdtable)
     [('A', 'addremove', None,
      _('mark new/missing files as added/removed before committing')),
     _('[OPTION]... [FILE]...'))
 def amend(ui, repo, *pats, **opts):
-    """amend the parent with the specified files or all outstanding changes
+    """combine a changeset with updates and replace it with a new one
     Commits a new changeset incorporating both the changes to the given files
     and all the changes from the current parent changeset into the repository.
     _('[OPTION]... [REV]'))
 def evolve(ui, repo, *revs, **opts):
-    """evolve changesets by rebasing them on newer versions of their parents
+    """rebase changesets on newer versions of their parents
     c = repo[None]
     if c.modified() or c.added() or c.removed():