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Welcome on the build DidJiX home page.


You need

Most of the commands below requires elevated privileges. archiso, make and mercurial can be simply installed with pacman.

Clone the DidJiX repository

  • Clone the DidJiX repository
#~> hg clone DidJiX
#~> cd DidJiX

Choose a branch

DidJiX repository comes with two branches: a default french branch and an us branch.

  • If needed, update to branch us
#DidJiX> hg branches
#DidJiX> hg update us
#DidJiX> hg branches

Let's go with make

A makefile script comes with Didjix. It tries to automate the previous manual way.

  • Start with make
#DidJiX> make
  • revert the changes introduced by the installation on the monitored files
#DidJiX> hg revert -Ca

or edit files and then commit changes (note that some pacnew files may be produced by initialisation and packages installation, compare it with followed files)

  • if needed, generate a new initramfs file
#DidJiX> make initramfs
  • if needed, refresh squash file system file
#DidJiX> make prepare
  • and finally, make the iso file
#DidJiX> make iso

And now with my nice iso

  • First, test it with a virtual solution
$DidJiX> export QEMU_AUDIO_DRV=alsa
$DidJiX> qemu -enable-kvm -usb -device usb-tablet -device AC97 -cdrom out/DidJiX.iso
  • finally, install it on target media like an hard disk, removable or not, or an usb stick
#DidJiX> cat out/DidJiX.iso > /dev/sdx

/dev/sdx is the target media, be extremely careful because all data on it will be lost!