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High Pressure Tanks

Automate your fluids!


Starting development on HPTank yourself is very easy. Simply fork the repo and clone it onto your machine. After that run gradlew setupDecompWorkspace and gradlew idea or gradlew eclipse depending on your IDE of choice. Additionally you will need to place the newest version of Ex Nihilo into the libs folder and the api source files of ComputerCraft and RedstoneFlux into the src/main/java/ folder.

Note: Don't just copy everything in the RedstoneFlux git repo or the ComputerCraft jar file. For RedstoneFlux copy everything inside the src/main/java/ folder, and for ComputerCraft everything inside the api/src/ folder located inside every CC jar.

You can add or edit whatever you want, then make PR and I will see if I like what you did and if so your code may go into this mod. If you plan on adding anything major, please talk to me about it first, because I don't want anybody spending a lot of time working on a feature and then it gets dismissed just because it doesn't fit the theme or something else.


To build a jar file of this mod that can be used outside the IDE, you can either run gradlew buildJar or gradlew release:

  • buildJar will create a jar file meant for personal testing and not for deployment with incremental build numbers.

  • release will create all the files needed for deployment with the version number defined in build.properties, including an unobfuscated dev jar with all the source files.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me on here, the Minecraft Forums or Twitter

Everything else you need to know can be found on the Forum Post.