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Welcome to PETSCII-fier, a program created by Paul Nicholls ( that allows one to convert an image (bmp, png) to the best matching characters out of a raw C64 character set rom that can be loaded from a file.

The program defaults to using the C64 PETSCII upper case character set, but it also included the lower case set, 
and a custom 8x8 dos character set too.

The original images to be PETSCIIfied can be loaded from file, or pasted from the clipboard (via menus, or right-
click on the image).  Some work better than others (transparency can be an issue sometimes), but just fiddle with the options on the application.

Dithering will always require a palette (defaults to the C64 palette).

No dithering + a palette will just change the image to the closest colors in the palette.

You can use either a grayscale threshold value or the color when choosing the lit pixels in the image too.

After turing the image into characters, it can be:
    Saved as a png file (via menu & right-click).
    Copied to clipboard (menu/right-click).
    Exported as a Kick Assembler ASM file which includes the width, height, and C64 character/color data.
    Exported as separate ASM header file (includes width, height of the image in 8x8 blocks), and separate C64 character/color data binary files.