Issue #5 resolved
Yuchen Ying
created an issue

Time to drop 2.5 support and move forward to Py3k.

I'd like to send a pull-request if it's OK to drop 2.5 support.

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  1. Paul Chakravarti repo owner

    Unfortunately this causes most (all?) of the tests to fail - see comments in the pull-request. I am planning on taking a look at this anyway if I get some time this weekend.

  2. Paul Chakravarti repo owner

    I have committed initial changes for Python 3.2/3.3 support in the py3 branch. This is a big patch so would be grateful for any testing before pushing it onto the main branch (which will also be 1.0 so will fix the API).

    To test you need to checkout as normal and then 'hg update py3'

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