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Mike Bayer  committed 65b05cb

- MySQL's update does work. add some logic to compiler to convert from ORM column to Table column

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     and if the parent table is referenced in the
     WHERE clause, the compiler will call upon
     UPDATE..FROM syntax as allowed by the dialect
-    to satisfy the WHERE clause.  Target columns
-    must still be in the target table i.e.
-    does not support MySQL's multi-table update
-    feature (even though this is in Core).
+    to satisfy the WHERE clause.  MySQL's multi-table
+    update feature is also supported if columns
+    are specified by object in the "values" dicitionary.
     PG's DELETE..USING is also not available
     in Core yet.

File lib/sqlalchemy/sql/compiler.py

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         # special logic that only occurs for multi-table UPDATE
         # statements
         if extra_tables and stmt.parameters:
+            normalized_params = dict(
+                (sql._clause_element_as_expr(c), param)
+                for c, param in stmt.parameters.items()
+            )
             assert self.isupdate
             affected_tables = set()
             for t in extra_tables:
                 for c in t.c:
-                    if c in stmt.parameters:
+                    if c in normalized_params:
                         check_columns[c.key] = c
-                        value = stmt.parameters[c]
+                        value = normalized_params[c]
                         if sql._is_literal(value):
                             value = self._create_crud_bind_param(
                                             c, value, required=value is required)
             # server_onupdate for these
             for t in affected_tables:
                 for c in t.c:
-                    if c in stmt.parameters:
+                    if c in normalized_params:
                     elif c.onupdate is not None and not c.onupdate.is_sequence:
                         if c.onupdate.is_clause_element:

File test/orm/test_update_delete.py

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             set([('e1', 'e1', ), ('e2', 'e5')])
+    @testing.only_on('mysql', 'Multi table update')
+    def test_update_from_multitable(self):
+        Engineer = self.classes.Engineer
+        Person = self.classes.Person
+        s = Session(testing.db)
+        s.query(Engineer).filter(Engineer.id == Person.id).\
+            filter(Person.name == 'e2').update({Person.name: 'e22',
+                                Engineer.engineer_name: 'e55'})
+        eq_(
+            set(s.query(Person.name, Engineer.engineer_name)),
+            set([('e1', 'e1', ), ('e22', 'e55')])
+        )