Mike Bayer committed b6144e7

fix to silent "recursive" bug in schema getattr that was somehow running only 994 times

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+- fixed a recursive call in schema that was somehow running 994 times then returning
+normally.  broke nothing, slowed down everything.  thanks to jpellerin for finding this.
 - small fix to Function class so that expressions with a use the type of the
 Function object (i.e. the left side) as the type of the boolean expression, not the 


     def __getattr__(self, key):
         """proxies method calls to an underlying implementation object for methods not found
-        if not hasattr(self, '_impl'):
+        if not self.__dict__.has_key('_impl'):
             raise AttributeError(key)
         return getattr(self._impl, key)
 from setuptools import setup, find_packages
 setup(name = "SQLAlchemy",
-    version = "0.1.1",
+    version = "0.1.2",
     description = "Database Abstraction Library",
     author = "Mike Bayer",
     author_email = "",
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