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Issue #5 resolved

Generalization of the create_new_data function

Paul Hiemstra
repo owner created an issue

Submitted by Pierre Roudier via mail:

Dear Paul,

I'm a long-time fan of your automap package, and I'm happy I can come up with a very simple proposition that would make the use of your package easier: I'm developing a package that extends sp classes [0], and I'm happy to use S4 power to apply directly S4 functions on my objects (that, in a nutshell, inherits from SpatialPointsDataFrame).

However, I found a point in your code that could be generalised to any class that extends SpatialPoints:

in automap:::create_new_data:



create_new_data <- function (obj) { convex_hull = chull(coordinates(obj)[, 1], coordinates(obj)[, 2]) convex_hull = c(convex_hull, convex_hull[1])

## Here is my one-line proposition! ##

## # d = Polygon(obj[convex_hull, ]) # old version d = Polygon(coordinates(ob)j[convex_hull, ]) # proposed version ## ## ==========================##

new_data = spsample(d, 5000, type = "regular")
gridded(new_data) = TRUE


}}} Using explicitly coordinates would allow classes extending SPDF to make use of your package directly, without the need to coerce using as(foo, "SpatialPointsDataFrame").

Just my two cents on this,