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Automap - An R package for automatic interpolation
Paul Hiemstra,,

For a list of changes in automap please check out the HgLog file.

Automap automatically fits a variogram model to the data and interpolates using gstat.
To get an idea about what automap can do, please start R, load automap and run the 
demo script by giving the following command:

  > demo(automap)

Follow the instructions on the screen.

I wish to thank Edzer Pebesma (author of gstat) and Jon Skoien for 
having very useful discussions with me during the development of automap and
Arien Lam and Wiebe Nijland for test-driving the package and providing 
suggestions and comments on the documentation. 
In addition I would like to thank Mathieu Grelier, Ben Graeler and Pierre Roudier 
for providing useful comments on automap.