== How to compile the QG model ==

To compile the model you need to have CMake installed. In almost
any modern Linux distro, and even in Cygwin, CMake is either pre-installed or can 
be installed from the repositories. In addition, gfortran needs to be
installed, which is also often pre installed. 

To compile the QG model, please give the following commands (assuming that you have 
a directory called 'qgmodel' that contains the QG code):

cd qgmodel
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..

This should be all that is necssary to compile the model. In principle, any platform 
that supports CMake (Windows, Solaris, OS X, Linux etc) could follow these exact steps
to compile the QG model.

After make is done compiling the program, there are two executables present in the 
../bin directory. One is runqgmodels, which is the main executable to run 'n' qg models
simultaneously. The other is sphToGrid, which I use from within an R script to be able to 
convert spherical harmonics to a gaussian grid on the fly outside the model.

Running the model can be done either from the command line, or from R.