rabbitmq-bql / Makefile

DEPS=rabbitmq-server rabbitmq-erlang-client erlang-rfc4627
GENERATED_SOURCES=command_lexer command_parser
TEST_APPS=amqp_client rabbitmq_bql
TEST_COMMANDS=command_parser_test:test() bql_test:test() amq_interface_test:test()

include ../


src/command_lexer.erl: ebin/leex.beam src/command_lexer.xrl
	$(ERL) -I -pa ebin -noshell -eval 'ok = leex:file("$(SOURCE_DIR)/$(LEXER_NAME).xrl",[{outdir,"$(SOURCE_DIR)"}]), halt().'

src/command_parser.erl: ebin/leex.beam src/command_parser.yrl
	$(ERL) -I -pa ebin -noshell -eval '{ok, _} = yecc:file("$(SOURCE_DIR)/$(PARSER_NAME)"), halt().'
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