1. paulj
  2. rabbitmq-bql


rabbitmq-bql / TODO

- Assume that the broker is running in the same VM, i.e. get rid of
- Drain queues to the server side
- Accept keywords as terms in predicates
- Allow layered commands so that a thick client can submit a term list as well
as an unparsed string (so that this works for thin clients as well) 
  -- use content-type to demarcate what type it is, defaulting to unparsed
     so that thin clients don't need to set this
- Drop Erlang RPC as transport, just use AMQP to get commands in to BQL
- Test case for draining queues
- Add at least rudimentary support for security


Nice to haves:
- drop connection force where user='guest' and host='host' and port='port';
- drop connection where host='host' and port='port';
- shutdown networking;
- start networking;
- Runlevel changes - ie, drop broker into a maintenance mode
- Creating checkpoints (mnesia, and queues)
- Activate checkpoint