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Welcome to the source code for the QAView application.

QAView is web application intended to help manage test cases and scenarios, particularly when these involve a large number of combinations of platforms and products that need manual testing.

Objectives for QAView

  • Exercise my Java coding skills
  • Track the testing of installer and client plug-in builds across various platforms for installers that I build for FileOpen
  • Serve as source code demo since I find myself in the job market yet again
  • Maybe someday become a viable stand-alone product

Design Considerations

Be written in Java

Mostly this is because I don't see much demand for Python programmers in the Albany, NY area.

But also, I've seen Scala, and Scala has pretty much caused me to lose interest in Python because it combines almost all of Python's convenience with type safety. Scala runs on the JVM, and parts of QAView may yet be written in Scala.

Don't create a new monthly bill that I need to worry about paying

Not right now, anyway. There are not many places where one can deploy a Java web application for free. I've already used my free year of AWS, so that's out. The only other places I know about today are the Google App Engine and OpenShift, a cloud platform from Red Hat.

The advantage to OpenShift is that deployment is to standard JavaEE platforms. I've signed up, and QAView may very well migrate to OpenShift some day, but I'm going to start with the Google App Engine because of the next design consideration.

Don't over-engineer a solution

I have a tendency to do this. In terms of QAView becoming a viable product someday I can imagine all kinds of user handling scenarios that would distract me from the primary mission of the application. My hope is that user handling can be more easily offloaded to Google's infrastructure if I use Google's platform. We'll see how that works out.

Use GWT for the front-end

Because I like it. I've liked it ever since working with version 1.4 in 2008, and it's much nicer now.