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small fixes before final release

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     except Exception as e:
-        if e.message != "type object 'A' has no attribute 'qsetrwxcfv'":
-            print(e.message) 
+        e_message = e.message if hasattr(e, 'message') else e.args[0]
+        if e_message != "type object 'A' has no attribute 'qsetrwxcfv'":
+            print(e_message) 
         _error = True
     assert _error


     class0 = literal0.pred._class()
     terms = literal0.terms
-    if class0 and terms[0].is_constant and terms[0].id is None: return
+    if class0 and terms[1].is_constant and terms[1].id is None: return
     if hasattr(literal0.pred, 'base_pred'): # this is a negated literal
         if Logging: logging.debug("pyDatalog will search negation of %s" % literal0)
         base_literal = Literal(literal0.pred.base_pred, terms)


 def clear():
     Thread_storage.ProgramMode = False
+    Thread_storage.variables = set([])
 """                             Parser classes                                                   """
 class LazyList(UserList.UserList):
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