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add hashtag solution using a Python Resolver

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+Created on 2 avr. 2013
+The HASHTAG problem was the subject of a contest at PyCon 2013.
+Problem description : https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/u_6ZWCrTUNVADkPAyyFvfKbReIcFkkE5l5WZw-QBbLc
+Discussion : http://uthcode.appspot.com/2013/03/Hashtag-at-pycon
+Below is a solution based on pyDatalog
+@author: pcarbonn
+from pyDatalog import pyDatalog, pyEngine
+import time
+# valid moves are exchange of 1<->2, 1<->4, ... 
+def move3(X,N,Y):
+    for n1,n2 in ((0,1),(0,3),(1,2),(1,4),(2,5),(3,4),(3,6),(4,5),(4,7),(5,8),(6,7),(7,8)):
+        if X.id[n1]=='*' or X.id[n2]=='*':
+            y = list(X.id)
+            y[n1], y[n2] = y[n2], y[n1]
+            yield (X.id, '%s-%s,' % (n1+1, n2+1), ''.join(y))
+# a solution to go from X to Y is a direct move, 
+# or a solution from X to Z, followed by a direct move from Z to Y
+(solution[X,Y]==N) <= move(X, N, Y)
+(solution[X,Y]==N) <= (solution[X,Z]==N1) & move(Z,N2,Y) & (N==N1+N2)
+start_time = time.time()
+print((solution['HAAHS*T*G', 'HASHTAG**']==N) >= N)
+# prints 5-6,2-5,2-3,3-6,5-6,7-8,5-8,8-9,7-8,
+print("Computed in %f seconds" % (time.time() - start_time))
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