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 * you can assert and retract facts: {{{+ p(a)}}} 
 * you can assert logic clauses of the form {{{head <= body}}}, where head is a single predicate with one or more variables, and body is a list of predicates separated by '&' : {{{p(X) <= q(X) & R(X,Y)}}} 
 * each variable in the head must also appear in the body.  The body may include equality and comparison predicates : {{{N1 == N-1}}}, or {{{N > 0}}}
-* you can negate a predicate : {{{not(p(X))}}}
+* you can negate a predicate in the body: {{{not(p(X))}}}
 * the argument of a predicate cannot be another predicate : {{{p(q(a))}}} is not allowed
 The depth of recursion is not limited by the stack size.