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-<?php chapter('What is a Computer Language?'); ?>
+<?php chapter('Instructions'); ?>
+<?php section('How Does This Book/Web Framework Work?'); ?>
+<?php subsection('Webpage'); ?>
+<p>To get started:
+<li>Install a web server/PHP combo. EasyPHP works great for dev machines.
+<li>Place this directory in the EasyPHP directory you choose to serve files from.
+<li>Confirm you can serve files ok. Adjust Chapters 1 and 2 as needed.
+<li>Point to more chapters by adjusting <kbd>common.php</kbd>.
+<li>Customize with .css files.
+<?php subsection('Paper Book'); ?>
+<p>To create a book:
+<li>Install a LaTeX tool like MikTex
+<li>Adjust the near-last line of <kbd>latex.php</kbd> to get the file contents from the proper URL. Keep the parameters of the URL that pull the whole book.
+<li>Open up a command prompt and change to the root directory of the book.
+<li>Run <kbd>build.sh</kbd>
+<li>A file <kbd>latex/book_template.pdf</kbd> should be generated.
+<li>Customize with <kbd>book_template.tex</kbd>
+<p>To publish use a company that takes a PDF like CreateSpace and allows you to publish.
+<?php subsection('E-Book'); ?>
+<p>To create an e-book:
+<li>Open a URL like http://localhost/webbookframework/index.php?chapter=A&lang=en&is_book&is_ebook&wholebook in chrome.
+<li>Save as a whole complete webpage.
+<li>Use a tool like kindlegen to create e-book.
+<li>Cusomize with ebook.css
+<?php section('Unrelated'); ?>
 <p>In the early days, switches were used to load ones or zeros into
 computer memory. Figure <?php ref_figure('fig.altair'); ?>, <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Altair_Computer_Front_Panel.jpg">courtesy of Wikimedia Commons</a>,