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The prompt in psql must start with a non-blank character

Otherwise we are fooled by the arrows in the EXPLAIN output.

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         (r"[^\s]+", String.Symbol),
-re_prompt = re.compile(r'^.*?[=\-\(][#>]')
+re_prompt = re.compile(r'^(\S.*?)??[=\-\(][#>]')
 re_psql_command = re.compile(r'\s*\\')
 re_end_command = re.compile(r';\s*(--.*?)?$')
 re_psql_command = re.compile(r'(\s*)(\\.+?)(\s+)$')


 regression=# ROLLBACK ;
+-> WHERE unique1 < 100;   -- Don't take -> in the plan as a prompt
+                                  QUERY PLAN
+ Bitmap Heap Scan on tenk1  (cost=2.37..232.35 rows=106 width=244)
+   Recheck Cond: (unique1 < 100)
+   ->  Bitmap Index Scan on tenk1_unique1  (cost=0.00..2.37 rows=106 width=0)
+         Index Cond: (unique1 < 100)
 -- don't swallow the end of a malformed line
 test=> select 1,
 'this line must be emitted'
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