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Makefile: no slash after DESTDIR, 755 is default mode

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 objects = $(subst .c,.o,$(sources))
 vcprompt: $(objects)
-	$(CC) -o $@ $(objects)
+    $(CC) -o $@ $(objects)
 # build a standalone version of capture_child() library for testing
 src/capture: src/capture.c src/capture.h src/common.c src/common.h
-	$(CC) -DTEST_CAPTURE $(CFLAGS) -o $@ src/capture.c src/common.c
+    $(CC) -DTEST_CAPTURE $(CFLAGS) -o $@ src/capture.c src/common.c
 # Maximally pessimistic view of header dependencies.
 $(objects): $(headers)
 fossilrepo = tests/fossil-repo
 check-simple: vcprompt
-	cd tests && ./test-simple
+    cd tests && ./test-simple
 check-hg: vcprompt $(hgrepo)
-	cd tests && ./test-hg
+    cd tests && ./test-hg
 $(hgrepo): tests/setup-hg
-	cd tests && ./setup-hg
+    cd tests && ./setup-hg
 check-git: vcprompt $(gitrepo)
-	cd tests && ./test-git
+    cd tests && ./test-git
 $(gitrepo): tests/setup-git
-	cd tests && ./setup-git
+    cd tests && ./setup-git
 check-fossil: vcprompt $(fossilrepo)
-	cd tests && ./test-fossil
+    cd tests && ./test-fossil
 $(fossilrepo): tests/setup-fossil
-	cd tests && ./setup-fossil
+    cd tests && ./setup-fossil
 grind: check
-	make check VCPVALGRIND=y
+    make check VCPVALGRIND=y
-	rm -f $(objects) vcprompt $(hgrepo) $(gitrepo) $(fossilrepo)
+    rm -f $(objects) vcprompt $(hgrepo) $(gitrepo) $(fossilrepo)
 PREFIX = /usr/local
-MANDIR = $(DESTDIR)/$(PREFIX)/man/man1
+MANDIR = $(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)/man/man1
 .PHONY: install
 install: vcprompt
-	install -d $(BINDIR) $(MANDIR)
-	install -m 755 vcprompt $(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)/bin
-	install vcprompt.1 $(MANDIR)
+    install -d $(BINDIR) $(MANDIR)
+    install vcprompt $(BINDIR)/bin
+    install vcprompt.1 $(MANDIR)
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