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This is a source code repository for SneezyMUD. This snapshot IS the definitive code - it is the same code that was running when Sneezy went down and it's what we've worked on when we've attempted to get it back up. I'm presenting it here simply because it's a large chunk of many peoples lives, and it would be a shame for it die quietly on some harddrive in my closet.

The SQL data files are now included. Some sensitive personal information, such as in-game mails and email addresses, are stripped out. There's enough to get the game to run.

Currently, I would like to get Sneezy back up, and I am happy to commit some time to working on it, but there is a lot needed: besides hardware and hosting, there is a lot of sysadmin, DBA, code and admin work needed. Without motivated individuals with the right technical skills, it just won't happen.

I've created a FAQ page.

- peel