Mihael Peklar avatar Mihael Peklar committed c5c5154 Draft

Made units change speed based on the type of tiles they are on.

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+double GM_Battle::getTileSpeed(float x, float y)
+	return this->map->tileSpeed(this->map->findTile(x, y));
 void GM_Battle::_paintSelector(float _x, float _y, float w, float h)
 	void handleEvent(SDL_Event &event);
 	void removeUnit(Unit*);
 	Pathfinder* getPathfinder() ;
+	double getTileSpeed(float x, float y);
 	Unit* selectedUnit;
 #Start tile data:
 #define SGN(x) ((x) ? (x)/(x) : 0)
-extern GameMode* game;
+#define mygame ((GM_Battle*)game)
-	this->pathfinder = ((GM_Battle*)game)->getPathfinder(); //TODO: There has to be a better way to do this!
+	this->pathfinder = mygame->getPathfinder(); //TODO: There has to be a better way to do this!
 	this->tex = TextureManager::getInstance()->getTexture("zombie.png");
 	this->attacking_tex = TextureManager::getInstance()->getTexture("zombie_attacking.png");
 			float dY = this->activeOrder.details.move.dsty - this->activeOrder.details.move.srcy;
-			this->activeOrder.details.move.progress += speed * k;
+			this->activeOrder.details.move.progress += speed * k*mygame->getTileSpeed(this->x, this->y);
 			float len = sqrt(dX * dX + dY * dY);
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