Tim Hatch avatar Tim Hatch committed 495955e

Fix Issue #810, allowing words to start with 'is' properly.

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 - Fix some S/R lexer errors (PR#91)
+- Fix a bug in the Prolog lexer with names that start with 'is' (#810)
 Version 1.5


             (r"'(?:''|[^'])*'", String.Atom), # quoted atom
             # Needs to not be followed by an atom.
             #(r'=(?=\s|[a-zA-Z\[])', Operator),
-            (r'(is|<|>|=<|>=|==|=:=|=|/|//|\*|\+|-)(?=\s|[a-zA-Z0-9\[])',
+            (r'is\b', Operator),
+            (r'(<|>|=<|>=|==|=:=|=|/|//|\*|\+|-)(?=\s|[a-zA-Z0-9\[])',
             (r'(mod|div|not)\b', Operator),
             (r'_', Keyword), # The don't-care variable
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