If a user turns off "automatic daylight savings" the script no longer finds the appropriate timezone.

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Jon Nylander
repo owner created an issue

In the Windows (and probably other) operating system it is possible to uncheck the option to automatically adjust for daylight savings. When this is done the script no longer finds a well matched timezone for certain UTC offsets.

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  1. Jon Nylander reporter

    This is really hard to fix, since there is no way for javascript to "know" that a user is really in a timezone with daylight savings if the user has turned off daylight savings.

    jsTimezoneDetect bases it's logic on creating Date objects and checking their offsets over the year.

    It could be argued that if a user is silly enough to uncheck automatic adjustment of DST then that specific user is probably happy with a timezone that at least has the correct basic UTC offset.

    If you are concerned about this problem, and really cannot have user's in your system that have the wrong timezone - then you will have to resort to asking the user straight out. What timezone are you in?

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