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Time not corrected for dst?

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var tz_info = jstz.determine_timezone(); alert(tz_info.timezone.display());

This shows me: <b>UTC-offset</b>: +01:00<br/><b>Zoneinfo key</b>: Europe/Berlin<br/><b>Zone uses DST</b>: yes<br/>

I would expect to see UTC-offset: +02:00, as I'm in Europe/Amsterdam. I'm running linux, and it's properly setup showing the local time (CEST) on the desktop. Browsers tested: firefox 5 and chrome.

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  1. Jon Nylander repo owner

    Hello and thank you for the feedback.

    jsTimezoneDetect returns a timezone, in your case Europe/Berlin. And this timezone describes both standard (CET) and summer time (CEST).

    The offset information is merely for recognition. I will add current offset if it is summer time because for some added info, but the offset is not the purpose of this script. The timezone is.

    Thanks! Jon

  2. Anonymous


    There's another issue (maybe I should open a new entry for this?). Using the same code, but running on a different server (that shouldn't matter) and on another client (located in the same country, similar OS and browser versions though). I get a different result:

    <b>UTC-offset</b>: +02:00<br/><b>Zoneinfo key</b>: Africa/Johannesburg<br/><b>Zone uses DST</b>: no<br/>

    Any ideas on this?

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