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Issue #24 wontfix

getting Etc/UTC for timezone name

Anonymous created an issue

//Edit by pellepim: I am keeping this issue in the inbox so that visitors who have this problem quickly can find the answer.//

Hey, at first I was getting the right timezone (America/Los_Angeles) but now all I get is Etc/UTC (00:00 offset). This happens both on your demo site and when I run the script on my local. my comp is set to Pacific Daylight Time.


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  1. Anonymous

    Hey so I restarted my computer and things started working again. I guess on a Mac, if you switch around your timezone in sys. prefs, you have to restart or else javascript can get confused. BTW Im on chrome on a macbook.

  2. Gilmore Davidson

    I had the same problem on a Mac, but it seems to be a Chrome thing and not the timezone script (even if you try "new Date" you get the wrong zone) - Firefox worked fine for me.

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