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Issue #27 invalid

Invalid timezone detect for Ukraine

Anonymous created an issue

Actualy on computer

Europe/Zaporozhye, +02, DST FALSE

Detected by script - Invalid DST

timezone.offset(); // Standard UTC offset for timezone "+02:00"

timezone.name(); // Olson timezone key "Europe/Helsinki"

timezone.dst(); // Daylight Saving Time? true

Linux, Ubuntu, Firefox.

Comments (2)

  1. Jon Nylander repo owner

    The time zones Europe/Helsinki and Europe/Zaporozhye are identical, so there is no error here.

    The "true" value for dst() simply signifies that the time zone uses Daylight Saving Time, not that it is currently in effect.

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks. Is exists any method for detect real current DST status? Or jsTimezoneDetect can not do it?

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