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Issue #32 resolved

Wrong DST detection for Ukraine

Oleh Prypin
created an issue

Ukraine recently stopped using DST, but timezone.dst() returns true.

Correct data for Ukraine: offset() - "+02:00" dst() - false

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  1. Jon Nylander repo owner

    Actually, Ukraine still uses DST and this script will return Europe/Helsinki which is identical in modern time.

    However, Belarus has stopped using DST. The script still correctly detects Europe/Minsk (in Belarus). I will simply solve this bug by removing all functionality that have to do with returning offsets and information about whether a timezone uses DST and simply focus on delivering the name of the timezone.

    Too many "bugs" have been reported now where people have mistunderstood these parameters. Either by saying the "Right now DST is in action so the offset is not correct", or by saying "The timezone does not use DST right now so the value should be false".

    This however was a valid bug in the sense that it actually reported both wrong offset and wrong info about DST. However, if I simply remove that information, problem is solved.

    In the next update.

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