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Issue #5 wontfix

Pacific/Kiritimati not detected correctly in Firefox 3.6 on Mac

Jon Nylander
repo owner created an issue

Chrome and Safari work fine though.

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  1. Anonymous

    This bug can be resolved.

    When you write in browser address bar this

    javascript:alert(new Date())

    you get an abbreviation in parentheses: Fri Jan 21 2011 20:28:56 GMT+1100 (EST)

    In Kiritimati it is (LINT) and in Honolulu (HST) when fetched in Mac Firefox/Chrome/Safari. Opera Mac has not abbr. In Windows Chrome/Safari says (Hawaiian Standard Time), maybe Windows-Firefox as well. IE gives nothing abbr.

    When testing Honolulu dst start date, check if abbr is "HST" OR "Hawaiian Standard Time". Then it should override this Firefox-related bug.


  2. Anonymous

    Correction: Honolulu has not dst, so additional check of course when testing Honolulu standard time...


  3. Anonymous

    In Windows Firefox Honolulu abbr is also "Hawaiian Standard Time". I have not tested Linux, but I suppose there it is "HST", because it is the in the Olson Honolulu zoneinfo-file.


  4. Jon Nylander reporter

    I think that the timezone/browser/os combination is too obscure to warrant special code for, even though it can be resolved.

    If someone who implements this script wants to solve the Kiritimati issue, they can easily do so themselves.

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