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Using Firefox, the demo page works correctly, and updates the result when the time zone is changed.

On Chrome, the script correctly identifies the time zone the first time it runs, but on subsequent reloads, even when the time zone is changed to something else, it reports whatever the time zone was when originally loaded.


  1. Load the demo page with time zone set to America/Los_Angeles
  2. Change the system time zone to America/New_York
  3. Reload the page (or navigate away and back, etc)
  4. If in Firefox, reports America/New_York - if in Chrome, reports America/Los_Angeles

I had been using commit e265c8e before, and did not ever notice this behavior. I can't say as to if something in the jstz codebase changed, or Chrome though.

Browser and OS: Chrome Version 22.0.1229.94 Ubuntu 12.10

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  1. Jon Nylander repo owner

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    This has always been the case in webkit based browsers.

    I don't consider it a bug on my end. At least there is nothing I can do about it. Actually the situation is a bit better. Now chrome picks up changes when opening new window/tab. Also, previously Chrome would claim to be in UTC when changing tz until restarted.

    Thanks, Jon

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