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I’m using your jsTimezoneDetect library but am experiencing strange results. When a colleague views your test page here: all we see returned is "Etc/UTC" as the detected time zone, whereas I would have expected to see "Europe/London".

The test page has been viewed both in Firefox 20 and IE7 (yes I know 7, sorry) but both yield the UTC value. The system is set to UK/BST and the operating system is Windows XP.

For reference, I have had the IT Support guys to clone the AD account in question and when we run IE7 or Firefox 20 as this new cloned user on the same PC as before, the time zone displays as expected (we see “Europe/London”).

Note: Bot h AD accounts are not local admins and are unable to change the date time of the PC.

Are you able to suggest why we’re seeing what we’re seeing? If you need further information or further clarification please let me know.


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