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Issue #82 wontfix

Timezone not updated in Opera / Safari

created an issue

Not sure if this is something we will have to live with.

Basically, I noticed that if I changed my time zone on the PC, the code spots the new time zone correctly in Firefox, IE and Chrome.

However, it failed in Opera / Safari.

Interestingly, it appears that Opera / Safari's version of javascript reads the PC's clock when the browser is started up so ignore any changes after that point until the browser is restarted.

Is there any way around this?

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  1. Dejan Stjepanovic

    If there is no way to get new timezone with JavaScript, even in the new window or popup, then you're probably stuck with the old timezone until you close the browser and open again. It's up to the browser.

    You can try simple test: open browser, change timezone, than open new window or popup and fire alert() timezone. If you get new timezone, than it's possible to run this action in background (browser popup), get new timezone, and use inside the library.

  2. Jon Nylander repo owner

    Yes, this keeps coming up. It has to do with browser internals. The only browser that consistently re-reads the timezone environment variable from the host seems to be firefox.

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