Kualalumpur/Singapore Timezone is Not Correct

Issue #88 invalid
Umair Saleem
created an issue


Time zone is being picked up as CST for Kualalumpur/Singapore. It should be either Malaysia Standard Time (MST) or Waktu Piawai Malaysia (WPM) or Malaysia Time (MYT) or SGT (Singapore time)

Similarly the time is being picked up ass GILT for Magadan (should be MAGT). There is some issue in appropriate timezones being picked.


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  1. Jon Nylander repo owner

    But China Standard Time is correct for Kualalumpur, isn't it. This script does not do geo-location, it tries to find a timezone that correctly describes where you are!

    It represents an UTC+8 timezone without DST - so MST is totally indistinguishable from CST when trying to DETECT.

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