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# Cocoa-t

Cocoa-t is a simple front-end for t. Here is the help document (you can find
the HTML version in help/).

## Download & installation

Download the [binary version of Cocoa-t
1.0]( Download
the [latest source trunk](

### The binary version

The binary version is tested for OSX 10.5 and 10.6. It *may* work on 10.4, but
we don't support it. The binary version is just the .app file of Cocoa-t. It
means that you don't have to copy it into your Applications folder (thought
it's recommended). To start cocoa-t, just double click on its icon.

### The source version

You must compile the source in order to use Cocoa-t. That's why you need Xcode
(or at least, gcc and the cocoa/carbon SDK). Just open the .xcodeproj with
Xcode and click on Menu -> Build to create the application.

## Configuration

The first time you start Cocoa-t, you should see the preferences window.

*Remember that you can always open this window: open Cocoa-t then click the
main menu and click the Preferences item.*

The configuration part is totally optional. You can just close the window and
start using Cocoa-t! But if you want to know a bit more about this program,
here are the configuration options:

 * The task path. This is where your tasks will be saved. By default, the path
   is set to "/Users/yourusername/Library/Cocoat". Feel free to change it by
   clicking on the "Select button" on the right of the window.
 * The global hotkeys. These shortcuts are system-wide, it means that you can
   use them where you want (ie: you don't have to click on the cocoa-t icon of
   you Dock to create a new task). Just click on the Edit button if those
   hotkeys don't fit your needs.

## Usage

Cocoa-t is visible in two places: the dock, and the status bar. The dock icon
show how many tasks you have to do (in the example above, I'm productive and
I've 9 tasks left). The icon in the status bar let you manage them. Just left
click on the "t" icon to pop-up a menu.

OK. To finish a task, just click on it. To create a new one, well, just click
the "Newt task" entry to make a HUD style window appear.

Type in the box the text for your new task, then press Enter (or click the
**+** button, whatever you want).

## It's open-source

We use
to manage the source and the issues. Feel free to fork, send patches, bug
tickets, features needs etc...

[The Cocoa-t Bitbucket page.](

## Credits and licence

Big thanks to [Steve Losh]( to allow me to release this

Cocoa-t made by [Thomas Pelletier]( (a.k.a "me" in this
document, and "Kizlum" on the web).

The source code is available at
[Bitbucket]( The application and the
source is released under X11 licence (like **t**). If you want to help, go to
the Bitbucket page, read the todo, share your work!