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django-myrecaptcha / Installation

Django-myrecaptcha installation

First of all, you need to subscribe on the reCAPTCHA website ( Once your have your account, register your website. When it's done, you should see a Public Key and a Private Key. Keep them close to you, we'll need them later.

Next, choose the version you want to install:

  • trunk: the latest code with coolest features and the hottest bugs.
  • stable: the stablest code, but without all features (and bugfixes?).

For trunk version, go to: then click on "get source" and choose your preferred format.

For stable version, go to: and download the highest version (but don't download the "tip" version, because it's the trunk version).

Once you have the code, copy the myrecaptcha folder and paste it into your application folder.

Next, edit your project's and:

  1. add 'myrecaptcha' to the INSTALLED_APPS list.
  2. add 'myrecaptcha/templates/' to your template directories list.
  3. add the setting RECAPTCHA_PUBLIC_KEY: a string containing your public key.
  4. add the setting RECAPTCHA_PRIVATE_KEY: a string containing your private key.

Now, change your comments' URL from /comments/ to /comments/captcha/.

It's okay. It should work.