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Various tweaks.

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 if [ -e "$VM_DIR" ]
 then source "$VM_DIR/vm.sh"
+export GOROOT=$HOME/go
+export PATH=$GOROOT/bin:$PATH

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File vim/.vim/syntax/rest.vim

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+" Vim syntax file
+" Language: reStructuredText Documentation Format
+" Maintainer: Estienne Swart 
+" URL: http://www.sanbi.ac.za/~estienne/vim/syntax/rest.vim
+" Latest Revision: 2004-04-26
+" A reStructuredText syntax highlighting mode for vim.
+" (derived somewhat from Nikolai Weibull's <source@p...>
+" source)
+" 0. Make sure that no syntax highlighting bleeding occurs!
+" 1. Need to fix up clusters and contains.
+" 2. Need to validate against restructured.txt.gz and tools/test.txt.
+" 3. Fixup superfluous matching.
+" 4. I need to figure out how to keep a running tally of the indentation in order
+" to enable block definitions, i.e. a block ends when its indentation drops
+" below that of the existing one.
+" 5. Define folding patterns for sections, etc.
+" 6. Setup a completion mode for target references to hyperlinks
+" Remove any old syntax stuff that was loaded (5.x) or quit when a syntax file
+" was already loaded (6.x).
+if version < 600
+  syntax clear
+elseif exists("b:current_syntax")
+  finish
+"syn match rstJunk "\\_"
+"ReStructuredText Text Inline Markup:
+syn region rstEmphasis start=+\*[^*]+ end=+\*+ 
+syn region rstStrongEmphasis start=+\*\*[^*]+ end=+\*\*+ 
+syn region rstInterpretedText start=+`[^`]+ end=+`+ contains=rstURL
+syn region rstInlineLiteral start="``" end="``" contains=rstURL
+"Using a syn region here causes too much to be highlighted.
+syn region rstSubstitutionReference start=+|\w+ end=+\w|+ skip=+\\|+
+"I'm forcing matching of word characters before and after '|' in order to
+"prevent table matching (this causes messy highlighting)
+syn region rstGridTable start=/\n\n\s*+\([-=]\|+\)\+/ms=s+2 end=/+\([-=]\|+\)\+\n\s*\n/me=e-2
+syn match rstRuler "\(=\|-\|+\)\{3,120}"
+" syn match rstInlineInternalTarget "_`\_.\{-}`"
+syn region rstInlineInternalHyperlink start=+_`+ end=+`+ contains=rsturl
+" this messes up with InterpretedText
+syn match rstFootnoteReference "\[\%([#*]\|[0-9]\+\|#[a-zA-Z0-9_.-]\+\)\]_"
+"syn region rstCitationReference start=+\[+ end=+\]_+
+"syn match rstCitationReferenceNothing +\[.*\]+
+"TODO: fix Citation reference - patterns defined still cause "bleeding"
+"if end doesn't get matched, catch it first with another pattern - this is ugly???
+syn match rstURL "\(acap\|cid\|data\|dav\|fax\|file\|ftp\|gopher\|http\|https\|imap\|ldap\|mailto\|mid\|modem\|news\|nfs\|nntp\|pop\|prospero\|rtsp\|service\|sip\|tel\|telnet\|tip\|urn\|vemmi\|wais\):[-./[:alnum:]_~@]\+"
+"I need a better regexp for URLs here. This doesn't cater for URLs that are
+"broken across lines
+" hyperlinks
+syn match rstHyperlinks /`[^`]\+`_/
+"syn region rstHyperlinks start="`\w" end="`_"
+syn match rstExternalHyperlinks "\w\+_\w\@!"
+"This seems to overlap with the ReStructuredText comment?!?
+"ReStructuredText Sections:
+syn match rstTitle ".\{2,120}\n\(\.\|=\|-\|=\|`\|:\|'\|\"\|\~\|\^\|_\|\*\|+\|#\|<\|>\)\{3,120}"
+" [-=`:'"~^_*+#<>]
+"for some strange reason this only gets highlighted upon refresh
+"syn match rstTitle "\w.*\n\(=\|-\|+\)\{2,120}"
+"ReStructuredText Lists:
+syn match rstEnumeratedList "^\s*\d\{1,3}\.\s"
+syn match rstBulletedList "^\s*\([+-]\|\*\)\s"
+" syn match rstBulletedList "^\s*[+-]\|\*\s"
+"I'm not sure how to include "*" within a range []?!?
+" this seems to match more than it should :-(
+syn match rstFieldList ":[^:]\+:\s"me=e-1 contains=rstBibliographicField
+"still need to add rstDefinitionList  rstOptionList
+"ReStructuredText Preformatting:
+syn match rstLiteralBlock "::\s*\n" contains=rstGridTable
+"syn region rstLiteralBlock start=+\(contents\)\@<!::\n+ end=+[^:]\{2}\s*\n\s*\n\s*+me=e-1 contains=rstEmphasis,rstStrongEmphasis,rstInlineLiteral,rstRuler,rstFieldList,rstInlineInternalTargets,rstGridTable transparent
+"Add more to allbut?
+"This command currently ignores the 'contents::' line that is found in some
+"restructured documents.
+"syn region rstBlockQuote start=+\s\n+ end=+[^:]\{2}\s*\n\s*\n\s*+me=e-1 contains=ALLBUT,rstEmphasis,rstStrongEmphasis,rstInlineLiteral,rstRuler
+"FIX rstBlockQuote
+"syn match rstDocTestBlock
+"RestructureText Targets:
+syn match rstFootnoteTarget "\[\%([#*]\|[0-9]\+\|#[a-zA-Z0-9_.-]\+\)\]" contained
+syn region rstCitationTarget start=+\[+ end=+\]+ contained
+"syn region rstInlineInternalTarget start=+_\_s\@!+ end=+\:+ contained
+"seems to match things in reagions it should not
+syn match rstDirective +\.\.\s\{-}[^_]\{-}\:\:+ms=s+3 contained
+"ReStructuredText Comments:
+syn region rstComment matchgroup=rstComment start="\.\{2} " end="^\s\@!" contains=rstFootnoteTarget,rstCitationTarget,rstInlineInternalTarget,rstDirective,rstURL
+"It can be modelled on rstBlock (which also needs to be worked)
+"It also matches too much :-( e.g. normal ellipsis
+"Define fold group for comments?
+"ReStructuredText Miscellaneous:
+syn keyword rstBibliographicField contained Author Organization Contact Address Version Status Date Copyright Dedication Abstract Authors
+"keyword revison too??? Lower case variants too?
+" todo
+syn keyword rstTodo contained FIXME TODO XXX
+syn region rstQuotes start=+\"+ end=+\"+ skip=+\\"+ contains=ALLBUT,rstEmphasis,rstStrongEmphasis,rstBibliographicField
+" footnotes
+"syn region rstFootnote matchgroup=rstDirective start="^\.\.\[\%([#*]\|[0-9]\+\|#[a-z0-9_.-]\+\)\]\s" end="^\s\@!" contains=@rstCruft
+" citations
+"syn region rstCitation matchgroup=rstDirective start="^\.\.\[[a-z0-9_.-]\+\]\s" end="^\s\@!" contains=@rstCruft
+syn region rstBlock start="::\(\n\s*\)\{-}\z(\s\+\)" skip="^$" end="^\z1\@!" fold contains=ALLBUT,rstInterpretedText,rstFootnoteTarget,rstCitationTarget,rstInlineInternalTarget
+"almost perfect
+"Still need to get stop on unident correct. Also need to work on recursive
+"blocking for proper folding.
+"TODO: Define syntax regions for Sections (defined by titles)
+syn sync minlines=50
+if !exists("did_rst_syn_inits")
+    let did_rst_syn_inits = 1
+    hi link rstBibliographicField Operator
+    hi link rstBlock Type
+    hi link rstExternalHyperlinks Underlined 
+    hi link rstHyperlinks Underlined
+    hi link rstTitle Constant
+    hi link rstRuler Special
+    hi link rstURL Underlined
+    hi link rstSubstitutionReference Macro
+    hi link rstEmphasis Exception
+    hi link rstStrongEmphasis Exception
+    hi link rstLiteralBlock Type
+    hi link rstBlockQuote Type
+    hi link rstEnumeratedList Operator
+    hi link rstBulletedList Operator
+    hi link rstFieldList Label
+    hi link rstTodo Todo
+    hi link rstComment Comment
+    hi link rstGridTable Delimiter
+    hi link rstInlineLiteral Function
+    hi link rstInterpretedText Keyword
+    hi link rstInlineInternalHyperlink Identifier
+    hi link rstInlineInternalTarget Identifier
+    hi link rstFootnoteReference Identifier
+    hi link rstCitationReference Identifier
+    hi link rstFootnoteTarget Identifier
+    hi link rstCitationTarget Identifier
+    hi link rstDirective Underlined
+let b:current_syntax = "rst"
+" vim: set sts=4 sw=4:

File vim/.vimrc

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 set ruler
 set list
 set backspace=indent,eol,start
-set listchars=tab:\▸\ ,eol:¬
+set listchars=tab:\▸\ ,eol:¬,nbsp:·
 set laststatus=2
 set wrap
 set textwidth=80