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fix typo in previous commit
readability improvement -- field.get_related_field() vs
workaround for ForeignKey and OneToOne fields that use a string value for the to arg
Allow the programmer to specify the field used for 'history_id' because AutoField is not always the best choice.
test OneToOneField too
break the test into two pieces
provide a test case
check excluded_prefixes before excluded_attributes because there are fewer of them
if to_field is not an AutoField, use the class of to_field to represent the field on the history table
Corey Bertram
Added tag 1.0 for changeset bcdb64b3b15b
Corey Bertram
added classifiers to
Corey Bertram
some simple updates to README, noting that django-simple-history works fine on Django 1.2.3
Corey Bertram
adding authors, changelog, and updating manifest
Corey Bertram
updated the readme with an example on how to use simple_history.
Corey Bertram
Filled out and got it to a working state, package now includes all files needed to build/install. included an .hgignore and file as well
Klaas van Schelven
Added for easy-install
Corey Bertram
This CI contains most of my changes to the history app to date. The main change here is the ghetto hacking of the ForeignKey handling by appending '_id' to fields and removing the .related, .rel, and .related_query_name fields on the copied model field.
Corey Bertram
removed current_user because it wasn't thread safe at Martys request
Corey Bertram
Imported Marty Alchin's initial implementation from the Pro Django book.