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vimrepress / README.md

The vimpress-dev branch has multiple heads


VimRepress is a plugin for managing wordpress blog from Vim, using Markdown syntax.

This is a repository for Preston's fork.


  • NEW/EDIT/DELETE wordpress Posts/Pages.
  • In both Markdown / HTML format.
  • Markdown text stored in the custom fields of wordpress.
  • Upload attachments.
  • Insert code highlight section.
  • Preview a posts in local compiled version, or remote draft.
  • wordpress.com account supported.
  • Multiple account supported.

Commands Reference

  • BlogList [post|page]
  • BlogNew [post|page]
  • BlogSave [publish|draft]
  • BlogPreview [local|publish|draft]
  • BlogUpload *[path/to/your/local/file]
  • BlogOpen *[post id or full article URL]
  • BlogSwitch [0,1,2 ... N, number of account in your config]
  • BlogCode [type of lang for the <pre> element]

(Commands with a *, argument must be present.)


Edit ~/.vimrc , add a variable named VIMPRESS. Multiple blog configurations are supported.

Example: {{{ let VIMPRESS = [{'username':'user', \'password':'pass', \'blog_url':'http://your-first-blog.com/' }, {'username':'user', \'blog_url':'http://your-second-blog.com/' }] }}} Hardcoding the password is optional. If a password is not provided the plugin will prompt for one the first time it's needed.